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Quint launches bid for House District 144 seat

HOULTON, Maine — A Hodgdon woman is looking to fill the Maine House District 144 seat. 

Tracy Quint entered the race for the House seat after incumbent Greg Swallow withdrew from the race last month, citing personal reasons.

Maine House District 144 comprises the municipalities of Amity, Bancroft, Benedicta Township, Cary, Glenwood, Haynesville, Hodgdon, Houlton, Macwahoc, Molunkus Township, Orient, Reed, Silver Ridge Township, South Aroostook, and Weston. 

“I, like many of you, am concerned with the direction that our state and country is moving,” Quint said in a press release announcing her candidacy. “As our rights are being eroded, our economy is being destroyed, and many are living in fear; I have hope for our future. The people of this community have been good to my family. My husband and my children were raised here. I have lived here for 23 years. My adult children would love to remain in our community.”

Spurred on by these factors, Quint said she was motivated on behalf of all parents, grandparents, and the community as a whole to become more involved in the greater Houlton area.

“To say that we are living in a difficult time would be an understatement,” she said. “We are fortunate that the death rate from COVID-19 has been much lower than predicted by the health care experts.”

As a health care professional for over 23 years, Quint said she shares everyone’s concerns about protecting the most vulnerable. As a registered nurse, she is also aware that there are many ways to improve our overall health.

“If elected, I would like to work on initiatives to bring Maine’s obesity epidemic under control,” she said. “This would also decrease our states’ rate of diabetes, hypertension, and many heart-related complications. It is not a popular subject, but having a healthier society would allow us to not only combat COVID-19 more effectively, but many other illnesses that are claiming the lives of those we love.”

These steps would also decrease spending on health care and pharmaceuticals related to these conditions, she said. These savings could then be reappropriated to building our economy and addressing the devastating mental health and drug crisis we are experiencing within our state without raising taxes.

“Having previously owned a small business, I can honestly say that our community supports our small businesses,” Quint said. “The life lessons I learned while running Mother Hubbards — knowing firsthand the costs and regulations surrounding small business ownership and investing in our community with the community investing back –gives me insight into the challenges facing our business owners. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and need to be open for business. If elected, I will be a vocal advocate on your behalf.”

Quint added she would like to take the hard-working values of Aroostook County to Augusta to enact initiatives to benefit our communities in the ways that best serve us. 

“Most problems are best solved at the local level, and I would like to bring the necessary assistance back to Aroostook County to allow us to be successful in our endeavors,” she said. “I will strive to bring greater educational, career, and job opportunities to our area. I believe that every human life is precious from the pre-born to our elders, regardless of their ability or disability. I believe that our Constitutional rights should be upheld and protected, even during the current pandemic facing our state/country. I strongly support our second amendment rights and I will defend them. I believe that our aging population needs to be given the care and respect that they deserve for the many sacrifices that they have made in their lifetimes to keep our country free. Our current military personnel and veterans deserve this as well. I am committed to doing this in the ways that best serve the people of District 144.”

For more information, contact quint at tracyquinthouse@gmail.com.

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