Letters to the Editor

In support of Harnish

To the editor: 

I’ve always considered it my unwritten rule to never involve myself in politics. Now it appears  that I’ve broken my own rule, and with pleasure. 

I reached out to Kathryn Harnish, candidate for the Maine House in District 144, in search of  answers about politics and current issues I’ve been confused about. She came to our home and  spent time not only answering my queries but giving us a clearer understanding of where she stood on the issues we voters face today.  

Kathryn told us about her farm business and the challenges she and other small business  owners have experienced since COVID-19. She spoke of how she simply couldn’t stand by and  not try to help make things better for the people of Aroostook County. We discussed how often  campaigners come knocking for your vote, then we never hear from them once they’re in office.  As I listened to her, I felt sincerity. Kathryn didn’t appear to us to be the typical politician. She  really cares, really wants to make a difference. She not the name-in-neon-lights type of person.  She’s more the woman you’ll find hard at work after everyone has gone home, computer screen  showing hours of drafts, and a half-eaten sandwich, long forgotten.  

Kathryn recognizes the need to keep our young people here in The County. She sees how it is  for high school graduates leaving the County in search of employment opportunities that simply  are not available here. She wants to help create those opportunities.  

She also sees how difficult it is for us to pay taxes that are just too high. She knows we need a  thoughtful approach to balancing the state’s budget without burdening County folks, especially  retirees like us. 

Kathryn is eager to work on a bipartisan level, acknowledging the importance of seeing issues  from both sides. This is what we need in Aroostook County. It’s why we need Kathryn.

Carolina Bradford

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