Letters to the Editor

Let’s get back to the business at hand

To the editor:

I’ve been reading all the bashing in the letters to the editor about Doug Morrell, from those who want him recalled.  I read these letters and shake my head as to the importance some of you put on Mr. Morrell saying slang words or comments like “heads will roll.” 

And to state that his taxes are being paid by others — really? That is so untrue.

How many times has a councilor voiced their opinion and slang or a comment that “ruffles some feathers” gets voiced along the way?  The job of those who sit on the council is to represent the citizens of Caribou and make it easier for us to live in this community without being stripped of every cent we make going to taxes, not their vocabulary.  We all know how hard it is to make ends meet at this time of pandemic and economic downslide.  Those of us who still have a job are very fortunate.  Many businesses have had to close their doors or let most of their employees go.  

Doug Morrell was elected, as were the other councilors.  Obviously, many felt he could help get the job done.  I believe we were correct in our judgment and vote.  Our taxes went down 1 mil since he has been back on the council, and I thank him and the rest of councilors for helping that get accomplished.  Well done.  I for one appreciate the effort they put forth for the citizens of Caribou.

Please stop making this a personality issue and let the council do their job to help us make a living and continue to stay in Caribou, and send our kids to school. Nothing ever gets accomplished when there are those who hide in the background and stir the pot so those who are trying to make a better life for the citizens need to stop and put out the unnecessary fires instead of concentrating on the business at hand.  Let’s get back to the business at hand, shall we? 

Judy Dinsmore

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