Teen injured in car accident off Front Ridge Road

3 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — A 17-year-old driver was taken to Houlton Regional Hospital with injuries from a car crash that occurred on Friday, Jan. 15. 

The crash occurred sometime around 7:35 p.m., when it was first reported to the police. The car, a 2007 Pontiac sedan, had crashed into a tree off Front Ridge Road in Houlton. Houlton Police Officers Daniel Varnum and Mallory Clayton arrived shortly after the crash was first reported.

Houlton Fire Department and an ambulance also went to the scene, with the driver of the crashed vehicle being sent to Houlton Regional Hospital, arriving around 30 minutes after the initial reported crash, where he was treated for injuries. 

The teen may face charges, but Houlton Police declined to say what they might be.