Cary Library lists memorial donations

3 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — Cary Library has listed the following memorial donations for October, November and December 2020.

In memory of Reta (Brown) Anderson: Gordon and Dawn Anderson.

In memory of Michael Clark: Joseph and Joann Inman; Mark and Jane Stile.

In memory of Elizabeth Nelson Ervin: Jen Lynds.

In memory of Carla Duff Farrell: Roger and Nancy Smith.

In memory of Maxine (Wright) Gildred: Joan Gogan.

In memory of Marilyn Grendell: Nancy Baptista; Gregory and Leslie Schools.

In memory of Gennette Ingraham Hawley: Jeanette Nelson.

In memory of Beverly Kirk: Andrea, Stephen, Kathryn and Patrick Hutchinson; Betty and Judy Hutchinson.

In memory of Maureen Kramer: Bert Dunphy; Beverly Moody; Mary Peabody; Cheryl McFadden; The Ogren Family; Karen Hopkins.

In memory of Philip Lee: Dawn and Gordon Anderson; Mark and Jane Stile.

In memory of Anne Carol Levesque: Mark and Jane Stile.

In memory of Jeff McCue: Francis and Nancy Fitzpatrick.

In memory of Harold Preston Oldenburg: Mark and Jane Stile; Aimee Million.

In memory of Flora Powell: Ted and Iva Sussman.

In memory of Dan Rush: Margaret and Gary Hagan. 

In memory of Dan Smith: Dawn and Gordon Anderson.  

In memory of Katherine “Kaye” Trickey: Mark and Jane Stile.

In memory of Ann Hubert Wilson: Mark and Jane Stile; The 70’s Chicks of HHS; Kenny and Carole Wilson; Steve, Jodie, Benjamin, Brandon, and Elizabeth Ward.

In memory of Phyllis Worthley: Mark and Jane Stile; Betty and Judy Hutchinson. 

In memory of Dana Wright: Mark and Jane Stile; Jane and David Mercier.