Greater Houlton Christian Academy reveal second quarter honor roll

3 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — The Greater Houlton Christian Academy has released its second quarter honor roll. 

Grade 4 — Highest Honors: Haley Foster, Abe Han, Wyatt Quint, Logan Witmer; High Honors: Isaac Watson; and Honors: April Mazur.

Grade 5 — Highest Honors: Lydia Han, Brooklyn Philbrook and Kylah Tuttle; High Honors: Emma Bradstreet, Addison Nadeau, Zemro Westerdahl and William Whited.

Grade 6 — Highest Honors: Dalylah Mincey, Cole Watson and Malachi Witmer; and High Honors: Dalayna Mincey.

Grade 7 — Highest Honors: Stephanie Tuttle; High Honors: Haley McGuire, Emery Nightingale, Jack Philbrook and Andrea Ross; and Honors: Colton Simoes.

Grade 8 — Highest Honors: Abigail Duff, Teanne Ewings, Natalie Johnson, Addison Watson, Ava Whited; and High Honors: Hunter Duttweiler and Krayton Hogan.

Grade 9 — High Honors: Leanne Ross; Honors: Seth Quint and Aimon Simoes.

Grade 10 — Highest Honors: Drew Duttweiler, Grace Flewelling, Ryan Mitchell and Sadie Thompson; High Honors: Sam Duff; and Honors: Drew Duttweiler.

Grade 11 — Highest Honors: Silas Graham, Alyssa Nightingale, Daniel Ross and Brock Thompson; and High Honors: Aubri Brewer.

Grade 12 — Highest Honors: Jessica Quint and Jeremy Stone; High Honors: Joel Carmichael; and Honors: Austin Winslow.