Diocese of Portland launches special Lent website section

3 years ago

PORTLAND, Maine — Lent, which begins Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday, is a period of spiritual renewal that helps us prepare for the celebration of the Paschal mystery of Christ — that is, his passion, death and resurrection.

The three pillars of the Lenten season are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. By spending time in prayer and in reflection on the Scriptures, through penance and through giving up (sacrificial acts) and giving to others (charitable acts), we look to experience a spiritual reawakening that brings us closer to Christ.

A special Lent section (www.portlanddiocese.org/lent-resources) has been launched on the Diocese of Portland website featuring a variety of resources to assist you on your Lenten journey. In the section, you can find:

Mass times for Ash Wednesday, daily Masses during Lent and Holy Week;

Scripture study and other faith-enriching offerings at parishes, both in-person and livestreamed;

Virtual and in-person retreat and parish mission opportunities;

A schedule of Lenten meals and fish dinners planned, including takeout options;

A schedule of confession opportunities;

 Stations of the Cross schedules;

A schedule of in-person and virtual prayer opportunities;

“Echoing God’s Word in the Catholic Community,” a rich scriptural, theological, and pastoral resource from the late Fr. Clement Thibodeau;

Educational resources on Lent, fasting and abstinence, reconciliation, and other topics;

“Saints of Lent,” with descriptions of saints whose feast days fall within the Lenten season;

Lectio Divina in English and Spanish (a form of meditation which dates back to early monastic communities); 

A “Sharing Our Gifts” section providing outlets for service and charitable giving; and

Messages from Pope Francis.

The section will be updated throughout Lent with updates and additional events as they are confirmed. During Lent, you can also find news, stories, pictures, and videos from around Maine on the diocesan website (www.portlanddiocese.org), Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PortlandDiocese), Twitter page (www.twitter.com/PortlandDiocese) and Instagram page (www.instagram.com/portlanddioceseme).