Meet your 20-21 Black Hawks

# 31 Elijah Matheson: (Left) Elijah is a senior goaltender who was an Eastern Maine Class B All-star last season. He’s a technically sound goaltender who also can make the spectacular saves most goalies can’t make. He’s a leader both on the ice and in the locker room. He’ll be missed as he moves on to life past high school.
#11 Caydon Cambell: (Middle) Caydon is one of the players with the most “hockey smarts” on the team. He’s a senior that has been playing defense this season and been a stopper on the rear end. He’s a solid player and keeps the team loose with his sense of humor.
#9 Victoria Forbush: (Right) Vic is a senior this season and has been playing a regular shift as a forward. She’s a smart player who always is where she’s supposed to be and has been a contributor on and off the ice for us this year.
(Staff photos/Joseph Cyr)


#17 Kurtis Reynolds: (Left) Kurtis is a junior forward who plays on our gold line. He plays wing and is an important part of our team. A heavy hitter, he brings a physical presence to our team that’s very important this season as we have several younger players that are just learning the high school game. #13 John Cumming: (Right) John is a junior defenseman and our heavy hitter. He’s a talented skater who plays defense with a passion. His shot is perhaps the hardest on the team and he figures to be the leader on the back end next season. (Staff photos/Joseph Cyr)


#8 Alex Dunn: (Left) Alex centers our gold line and is a leader both on and off the ice. He’s an excellent skater who puts the pressure on the opponent in every zone. He has an excellent shot and will be counted on to lead the offense next year.
#5 Josh McGillicuddy: (Right) Josh is a junior who can slot in at any position. He’s the fastest skater on the team and a tenacious forechecker. He plays forward on the green line this year and our best penalty killer. We look for him to be a team leader again next season.
(Staff photo/Joseph Cyr)


#14 Elijah Neureuther: (Left) Elijah is a sophomore center on the green line. He’s a good skater who is quick on his skates. He has a good shot and has been a top penalty killer for us this year. We expect him to step into a leading offensive role next season.
#18 Garrett Fitzpatrick: (Right) Garret has stepped into one of the hardest positions to play, defense, and done an excellent job in his freshman year. He’s a big body who’s happy to take on the opponent’s best player and keep them under control. His play makes the team’s future look bright.
(Staff photos/Joseph Cyr)



# 30 Dawson Cole: (Left) Dawson is a freshman goaltender and his ability in the net makes the Black Hawks future look bright. He plays his position with a poise most freshmen don’t show at the varsity level. We’re happy to have him step into the starting position next season.
#12 Riley Fitzpatrick: (Right) Riley is growing as a high school player and is becoming our best offensive defenseman. He’s as quick on his skates as anyone on the team. An excellent skater, his speed and decision making are assets that will serve him and the team well in the coming years.

(Staff photos/Joseph Cyr)

# 7 Kanyun McNinch: (Left) A freshman forward, Kanyun has played on our green line this season. He’s been working hard and as he’s gotten used to the faster pace of high school hockey he has become a solid player with a bright future on the team.
#4 Connor Lynds: (Right) Connor has slotted into a wing spot on our gold line as a freshman. He is a solid player who’s good on his skates. He knows the game quite well and looks to be a solid offensive force as he grows into the high school game. He recently scored his first high school goal.
(Staff photos/Joseph Cyr)

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