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In support of Sen. Collins

To the editor:

As a former County Chairman of the Republican Party, I am horrified by the recent actions taken by the Aroostook County GOP to formally censure Sen. [Susan] Collins for her vote to impeach President Trump.

The blanket statements in the resolution do not reflect the values of our party as a whole, and they certainly don’t reflect my views.

Sen. Collins has said that you can be a good Republican without agreeing with every single position taken by the party, and she is absolutely correct. I may not always agree with her, but that’s not because she’s not “Republican enough”; it’s because we are each individuals with our own thoughts and values. Mainers haven’t elected Sen. Collins for a record five terms because we want a follower; we support her because she’s a leader.

Just a few short months ago, Mainers re-elected Sen. Collins in a landslide. By staying true to herself and our state, Sen. Collins earned the support of Trump and Biden voters alike. If the Republican Party ever wants to regain the ground it’s lost, it will need to embrace more candidates like Susan Collins who appeal to those who don’t identify with the fringe of the base. 

In my view, this recent censure is just another example of how the Aroostook County GOP has lost its way. This group’s views do not reflect the Republicans I grew up with. 

Sen. Collins, “Shalom, Peace, Salaam” be upon you as you keep up your endeavors for Aroostook County Republicans and all Mainers.

Dick Rhoda

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