Maine State Police Troop F Report, March 29-April 4, 2021

3 years ago

Editor’s Note: An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

HOULTON, Maine — The Maine State Police Troop F barracks in Houlton responded to a number of calls for service during the period of March 29-April 4, including the following.

Monday, March 29

ISLAND FALLS — Trooper Cotton was in Island Falls when he recognized a local man that was driving passed him. Tr. Cotton was familiar with the man and knew that he had held a Florida driver license that was currently under suspension. Tr. Cotton pulled the vehicle over charged the man with operating without a license.

Tuesday, March 30

FORT KENT — Tr. Martin pulled over a vehicle in Fort Kent for a traffic infraction. As he attempted to pull the vehicle over, it drove behind a storage building and the operator exited the vehicle. Tr. Martin was familiar with the operator and knew that his right to operate was suspended and that he was out on bail. Tr. Martin charged the local man with operating after suspension and violating condition of release.

Thursday, April 1

CASTLE HILL — Tr. Rider received a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner stated his truck was stolen two days prior, but he could not make the report due to not having a phone. Tr. Rider located the vehicle at a residence also in Castle Hill and had it towed. The offender was not where the vehicle was located, and Tr. Rider will be making contact with him and issuing a criminal summons for theft.

Friday, April 2

MAPLETON — Tr. Mahon stopped a vehicle in Mapleton for an expired inspection sticker. Further investigation revealed the registration plates were illegally attached. Tr. Mahon charged the 25-year old Mapleton man with Illegal attachment and seized the plates. 

ISLAND FALLS — Tr. Saucier received a complaint of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus in Island Falls. The bus driver was able to provide a plate number to Tr. Saucier. The investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, April 3

WOODLAND — Tr. Rider was conducting traffic enforcement in Woodland. He met a vehicle that displayed a front registration plate but as he passed, he noticed it did not have a rear plate. Tr. Rider stopped the vehicle and discovered it was not registered and the front plate belonged to a different car. Tr. Rider issued the driver a criminal summons for false attachment of plates.

WOODLAND — Tr. Rider was conducting traffic enforcement in Woodland and met a vehicle with excessive exhaust noise. Tr. Rider turned around to stop the truck and it sped up and then turned into a private driveway. Tr. Rider pulled in behind the vehicle and learned the driver had no business at this address and was likely trying to avoid being stopped. Further investigation revealed the driver had a suspended driver’s license and had current bail conditions. The man was issued a criminal summons for operating after suspension and for violating condition of release. Tr. Rider had the vehicle towed from the scene and the man arranged to have someone come get him and his passenger.