Cary 100 Miles in 100 Days Fitness Challenge tops 300 participants

3 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — Cary Medical Center’s 100 Miles in 100 Days Fitness Challenge got off to a great start. The challenge which began officially on April 1, has registered over 300 participants from throughout the County and beyond. The goal of the challenge is to get people to walk 100 miles in 100 days and track their progress to win prizes.

Bill Flagg, director of community relations and development for Cary Medical Center, said that the event is part of the hospital’s overall vision to ”Create Healthier Communities.”

“When I first came to Cary some 40 years ago the hospital’s slogan was ‘Your Source of Wellness’ and that has been a steady theme throughout my career,” said Flagg who is marking 42 years at the medical center. “The idea of a hospital focusing so much effort to keep people healthy was something new when I started, now it is Cary’s vision.”

Participants in the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge register for the program on line at or by calling the community relations office. Once they are registered they submit their miles on a weekly or monthly basis. Once the participants have submitted miles they are included in weekly drawings for prizes, ranging from books, to gift certificates up to the grand prize of $250. Local sponsors have helped to make the challenge possible.

“We are very grateful to Sleepers of Caribou and to Hebert’s Rexall Pharmacy in Van Buren for their financial sponsorship of this program,” said Flagg. “They have been our sponsors over the past several years as well as Townsquare Media. The incentives or prizes really help to motivate participation”.

Judy Holmquist, administrative assistant in the community relations office at Cary, said that she has received many inspirational stories from people who have been involved with the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge. “We get emails all the time from people telling us how this challenge has inspired them to get moving. Many people come back to the challenge every year. This was the answer to a lot of people being shut in by the pandemic and they have found walking to be good medicine.”

One of the participants who was particularly inspired by the challenge is Tami Kilcollins, executive director of the Jefferson Cary Foundation. Kilcollins, who had total hip surgery last December at Cary, said that she was so anxious for the new challenge because it motivated her to do more walking.

“The 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge has been ideal for me,” she said. “When you have major surgery, like a total hip replacement, you are supposed to get moving and active as soon as possible. The challenge motivated me to get on my treadmill and now, with great weather I am looking forward to walking outside.”

While the challenge began April 1 there is still time to register. Bethany Zell, community relations specialist at Cary, said that the hospital’s Facebook page and other social media has really helped to get the word out. “We have found social media to be a great platform to promote our wellness activities. Not only does it bring more participants to the challenge it also builds our followers who often stay connected to us to learn of other hospital programs.”

Interested individuals are urged to register as soon as possible to become eligible for prizes. To register, call Holmquist at 207-498-1112 or by visiting