Otter Brook Bridge work taking place until mid-June

3 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The speed limit on the Otter Brook Bridge on Route 89 near the Limestone Street and Powers Road intersection will be reduced to 35 miles per hour as workers with the Maine Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Maintenance Operations remove and replace the bridge’s railing. 

MaineDOT Communications Director Paul Merill said five or six employees will be on the site, and that the work will just be taking place on the bridge.

As of April 29, the department said they are hoping to complete the project by June 17.

“We are using traffic lights for the project and would greatly appreciate it if traffic would adhere to them,” he said. “It will make things safer for the traveling public and our employees.” 

The Caribou Police Department also advised the public via social media to expect delays throughout the process and to expect the area to be down to one lane of traffic. They added that anyone caught speeding will be ticketed with a double fine.

The lights are set to flash green for 13 seconds, then three seconds on yellow, and 18 seconds on red. 


“The wait is not long if traffic stops for the red light instead of running it and possibly not having a good outcome,” he said. “We rely on the help of the traveling public to help keep our crews safe.”