Births at A.R. Gould Hospital, April 2021

3 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The following births were recorded at A.R. Gould Hospital in April.

BELANGER — A boy, Brennon Leon Belanger, born April 29, 2021, to Amanda Elliot and Marcus Belanger of Castle Hill. Maternal grandparents are Janice and Norman Currier of Presque Isle and Greg McLaughlin. Paternal grandparents are Roberta and Paul Belanger of Portage.

BLIER — A girl, Stella Lynn Blier, and a boy, Nolan Dale Blier, born April 24, 2021, to Adrienne and Drew Blier of Fort Kent. Maternal grandparents are Lynn and Pascal Pariset of North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Paternal grandparents are Amy and Gil Blier of Wallagrass.

BROWN — A boy, Tucker Wyatt Brown, born April 26, 2021, to Brittany and Cody Brown of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Lisa and Todd Tompkins of Easton. Paternal grandparents are Gail Farley and Gary Brown of Presque Isle.

CHASE — A boy, Camden Dean Chase, born April 12, 2021, to Jessica and Timothy Chase of Littleton. Maternal grandparents are Kimberly and Harris Tucker of Oakfield. Paternal grandparents are Charlene and Phillip Chase of Houlton. 

CYR — A girl, Kambrie Jo Cyr, born April 23, 2021, to Krista and Jeremy Cyr of Caribou. Maternal grandparents are Joan and Alan Albert of Caribou. Paternal grandparents are Juanita and Mike Cyr of Caribou. 

DAMPF — A girl, Savannah-Marie Rose Dampf, born April 12, 2021, to Nicole and Kaleb Dampf of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Heather Biastre of Limestone, Kellie Drapeau of Tiverton, Rhode Island, and Jason Drapeau of Providence, Rhode Island. Paternal grandparents are Jane Dampf of Presque Isle and Karl Dampf of Presque Isle. 

FOLSOM — A girl, Selah Lyn-Diane Folsom, born April 20, 2021, to Sara and Paul Folsom IV of Easton.

KEISER — A boy, Sawyer Wayne Keiser, born April 3, 2021, to Marissa Brouette and Spencer Keiser of Limestone. 

KIERSTEAD — A girl, Zuri Ann Kierstead, born April 25, 2021, to Jodi and Harold “J.R.” Kierstead of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Lori Tash and Timothy Howell of Chicopee, Massachusetts, and James Tash Jr. of Hodgdon.  Paternal grandparents are Cathy Kierstead and Mike Hewitt of New Sweden and the late Hank Kierstead of Easton.

MCNAMEE — A boy, Emery Mitchell McNamee, born April 8, 2021, to Loryn Moran and John McNamee of Fort Fairfield. 

MOHOLLAND — A girl, Lyddia Elizabeth Moholland, born April 2, 2021, to Brittney Willette and Cameron Moholland of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Dollie Haines of Fort Fairfield and Jason Willette Sr. of Presque Isle. Paternal grandparents are Lynne Moholland of Caribou and Blair Moholland of Robbinston.

RIDEOUT — A girl, Emilynn Grace Rideout, born April 19, 2021, to Olivia Randall and Alan Rideout of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Robin and Timothy Randall of Blaine. Paternal grandparents are Pamela and Danny Rideout of Mars Hill.

SALCH — A girl, Abigail Rose Salch, born April 20, 2021, to Mary-Helena and Mathew Salch of Westfield. Maternal grandparents are Donna and Thomas McInerney of Reading. Paternal grandparents are Linda and Raymond Salch of Caribou. 

SHAW — A girl, Ivy Lorna Shaw, born April 14, 2021, to Kassidie and Andrew Shaw of Washburn. Maternal grandparents are Steve Bell of Palmyra and the late Michelle Bell. Paternal grandparents are Phyllis Hunter of Turner and John Shaw of Woodland. 

STEVENS — A boy, Cade Allan Stevens, born April 5, 2021, to Gaila Allan of Presque Isle and Scott Stevens of Ashland. Maternal grandparents are Sheila and Gailen Allan of Glassville, New Brunswick. Paternal grandparents are Myrie and Dan Stevens of Newport.

SMITH — A boy, Cade Jameson Smith, born April 28, 2021, to Jessica and Brandon Smith of Woodland. Maternal grandparents are ChiChi and John Belanger of Woodland. Paternal grandparents are Andrea and Steven Smith of Mapleton.