Town of Monticello to celebrate 175th anniversary at end of July

3 years ago

MONTICELLO, Maine — In 1846, the town that today is known as Monticello was incorporated into an official township. In 2021, the town will celebrate that founding. 

Monticello will begin its commemoration of the 175th anniversary of its founding on Friday, July 30, with celebrations planned for the occasion. It will feature games and an ice cream social on July 30, following a parade on Saturday after the town received permission from the Maine Department of Transportation to close a segment of Route 1 in order for the celebration to take place.

Kathy Goff, who leads the town’s planning committee, said that following the parade, an opening ceremony will take place at the town’s baseball field, with live music, games and food vendors selling items such as cotton candy and popcorn. Commemorative items, such as T-Shirts and coins, will be sold and those attending will be able to enter in a raffle to win them as prizes.  A miniature wooden model of the town is also set to be displayed at the local community center.

“The event is not just for Monticello residents,” Goff said. “It’s for surrounding towns as well. We’re celebrating our existence and anyone is welcome to join.”

The festivities will continue into Sunday with a “singspiration” performance of gospel music. But the town is looking for any singers or musicians to help out in the performance, alongside volunteers to help out with parking, cotton candy, popcorn and T-shirt sales. 

Those looking to help with musical performances can email to express their interest. Other volunteers who are interested may contact the town office at 207-538-9500 during regular business hours.