Don’t sink the ship

3 years ago

To the editor:

Everyone’s heard that too many rats scrambling aboard a sinking ship will sink it. We as a nation are doing all we can to stay afloat with the people we’ve got now and the approximately one million legal immigrants we allow in every year.

Legal immigrants are heavily screened, and for the most part have skills, jobs — they make the U.S. greater.

The Trump administration had our southern border pretty much under control. One of Biden’s first acts after destroying our energy dependence was stopping the building of the wall, which taxpayers still had to pay for, and ending the highly successful “stay in Mexico” policy Trump had just instituted. Illegals had to remain in Mexico till they were vetted. Biden killed this policy, in effect, totally opening our borders. Fox News reports in this year alone approximately two million illegals will flood America totally unvetted, largely unvaxed. Estimates are at least that many again cross into the U.S. without being caught.

No country can sustain this influx of illegals which, contrary to mainstream media’s lies, are here with hands out to collect all the government handouts Biden has promised. Americans, to their hurt in this case, are unbelievably generous and often quote the Statue of Liberty plaque that says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” What they aren’t realizing is that every illegal alien depletes citizen entitlements, including money for Social Security and Medicare.

Trump’s motto was “America first.” American citizens came first, all others came after if we could afford it. Biden has proven that Americans not only come last, but they are expected to pay for the rest of the world.

It’s good to be generous, but not to the point of stupidity and destroying oneself. A country who destroys itself can no longer help anyone. A ship that takes on too many rats surely will sink and so will America if this president doesn’t wake up and protect this country and its own people.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle