A dog’s prayer

Gloria J. Towle, Special to The County
3 years ago

When you are adopting a pet, take the time to meet the scared ones, the shy ones, the ones that don’t stick out to you.  Take the time to see the ones that hide under their bed, blanket or litter pan … the ones that hiss, the ones that bark, the ones that cower, shake and cry and look at you with confusion. Please see the ones that have boring colors or missing limbs.  And don’t forget the older ones, the frail ones, and the ones who seem to have given up.  They haven’t given up…they just need you. And sometimes you just really need them, too.

Our staff at the Central Aroostook Humane Society sees many animals come through our doors.  But the love and kindness that is shown to each pet during their stay is amazing. We are truly grateful to the dedicated employees that go above and beyond to make a difference in each pet’s life.  

A Dog’s Prayer

Now that I have arrived at your home, everything is strange, and I don’t feel good.

Do not feel impatient if I don’t sleep in my new basket.  Yesterday, I slept on a stone floor.

Do not get angry if I pee on your floor, yesterday it did not matter.

Do not be terrified if I gobble up my food.  Yesterday, I had to do it to survive.

Do not be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand. Yesterday, I did not have one.

Have patience with me. It’s your world, but not yet mine.

If I trust you, I can give you the greatest gift I have to give — my heart.

Please never forget, I was a shelter dog. All I need is a bit of time to adjust.

“Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love. They depart to teach us about loss.  A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart,” said writer Erica Jong.

If you are looking for a new furry family member, stop by the Central Aroostook Humane Society at 24 Cross St., Presque Isle.  You can also check us out on Facebook.  

Please be responsible by spaying and neutering your pets. Happy fall.

Gloria J. Towle is the secretary and a member of the board for the Central Aroostook Humane Society