Seminar explores natural burn and wound care

2 years ago

EASTON, Maine — Dr. Robert Bassett, orthopedics and hand and wrist trauma specialist from Pines Health Services and Cary Medical Center, was a guest speaker at a recent burn and wound seminar held at J&J Mini Barns in Easton.

Bassett shared his experience working with an Amish family who desired to use an alternative method after a severe saw mill accident. 

“The results were spectacular, miraculous, quick and profound,” Bassett said at the seminar, which is available on YouTube at https://youtube/q7DRXvZcp80.

The family requested to use a burn and wound salve and burdock leaves to dress the wound using the all-natural method. 

“This is a wonderful outcome of a terrible problem and the B an W wound care was an essential part of the healing,” Bassett said. 

“We always appreciate the opportunity for our providers to attend community events that support health and wellness,” stated Kris Doody, RN and CEO of Pines Health Services and Cary Medical Center. 

“This was a great event that allowed Dr. Bassett to share some amazing knowledge and stories and continue to connect with the Amish community,” Doody said. 

John Troyer and John Borntrager from Kentucky presented the John Keim method of burn treatment and demonstrated Keim burn and wound dressing during this daylong event organized by Noah Yoder of Fort Fairfield. In addition, the audience heard from Mark Stroll of Alymer, Ontario, and Dan Schwartz from Linesville, Pennsylvania

The burn and wound seminar was videotaped by David Deschesne from Fort Fairfield and will be uploaded in segments on YouTube.