Ark Animal Sanctuary – Week of February 23, 2022

2 years ago

These days, the Ark Animal Sanctuary is home to approximately 53 cats. Out of those 53, about 30 of those cats are feral or used to be feral. We have three AIDS cats, two leukemia cats, two diabetic cats, two cats with three legs, but the remaining cats are all healthy cats with no special needs. They are all family and very much loved and well taken care of.

We work on socializing the feral cats and gaining their trust. Some come around, but some never do and we are OK with that.

The diabetic cats are on a special diet and require insulin. The cost is high, but the trade off is unconditional love and just knowing we are making a difference in their lives is well worth it.

Eddy is one of several AIDS felines at the Ark Animal Sanctuary looking for adoption.
(Courtesy of Lorraine Monfils)

We are one of the few places that accepts AIDS and leukemia cats. Many places euthanize if a cat tests positive for either disease. A leukemia cat’s life span is only a few years and we are committed to making those few years the best possible for those cats.

We have been successful in adopting out many AIDS cats simply by educating the public. Just because a cat tests positive for AIDS, it is not a death sentence. AIDS cats can live long healthy lives, if properly taken care of.

Our volunteers love each and every animal that passes through our doors. They put in countless hours taking care of them. They cry when we lose one and they cheer when one gets adopted. 

We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes. We are an organization made up of everyday people with one common goal — to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Thank you for your continued support and as always thank you for reading our column.

The Ark Animal Sanctuary is located on 101 Old Woodstock Road. To contact Lorraine Monfils call 207-532-7387 or check out their Facebook page.