Happy to see bipartisanship

2 years ago

To the editor:

Bipartisan success stories feel few and far between these days, as our politicians become more entrenched in their respective bases and less willing to find agreements across the aisle.

On one issue though, hundreds of our elected officials in Congress found a program that they could agree on: Medicare Advantage.

 A recent letter in Congress was signed by both Sen. Collins and Sen. King, a great show of bipartisanship for an essential program that supports both Maine and America’s seniors. Medicare Advantage makes a huge difference in promoting healthy habits and improving health outcomes for older individuals, and I am grateful to both of our senators for their participation in this letter. Medicare Advantage is an important part of our healthcare system, and the bipartisan support letter was an astute example of how certain issues can rise above partisan politics to address the needs of our community members.

 I look forward to seeing continued efforts by our senators to work together and promote the many benefits of the Medicare Advantage program.

Rep. Dustin M. White
District 146
Mars Hill