Quint seeking re-election to a new, redistricted area

2 years ago

HODGDON, Maine – State Representative Tracy Quint of Hodgdon is returning to where she began in Maine. 

After redistricting drastically changed some districts in the state, she now has the opportunity to earn the vote of those who first welcomed her family to Maine.

“We moved to Topsfield 34 years ago and at 16, it was a bit of a culture shock,” she said. “I had never lived in a rural community before, but community aptly describes what I experienced. It was more of a family gathering that we were soon made a part of. I still consider them family today!” 

Quint is a Lee Academy graduate and Lee is also now a part of the newly formed House District 8. She married an Aroostook County boy and has lived in Hodgdon for the past 25 years. She has two children that she home-schooled while running a small business in Houlton for eight years. 

She is a registered nurse with experience in international medical missions, nursing home and long term care, and recently, as a nurse educator providing training until the current mandate removed her from her position. 

Quint has spoken out against overreaching state government mandates and their negative effects on the health care, business and educational fields. Her common sense approach to the political system comes from her everyday life. 

Politics was not in her background, but she has always been an advocate for those she saw in need. Her experiences as a nurse, educator, and small business owner prepared her to step in as a replacement candidate when asked in 2020 for District 144. 

The encouragement from her current constituents is what made her decision to run again an easy one. 

In Augusta, Quint currently serves on the Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services Committee. She is known for ensuring that veterans and seniors receive the benefits that they have earned and is an outspoken advocate for those with disabilities. 

She is responsive and available to her constituents and has a strong voting record for promoting our rural concerns regarding small businesses, education and healthcare. Her stalwart support for our 2nd Amendment rights and Maine’s outdoor traditions has earned her the endorsement of the NRA with an “A” rating. 

Her record supporting small businesses has earned her the endorsements of the National Federation of Independent Business and the Maine Credit Union League. 

“I have been so blessed to have my family’s overwhelming support which has allowed me to proudly represent District 144 for the last two years,” she said. “I now ask for your support to allow me to represent you in District 8 to continue being a strong voice for our often overlooked rural communities.”

Quint be reached by email at tracyquinthouse@gmail.com or phone 207-217-4493. Election day is Nov. 8 and absentee ballot voting has already begun.