RSU 29 menu – Week of October 26, 2022

2 years ago

Breakfast for all Schools

Breakfast is served with multi-grain reduced-sugar cereal, Wowbutter/jelly, assorted fruit juice and 1 percent and skim milk.

Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Coffee cake, fresh fruit.

Thursday, Oct. 27 – Biscuit, sausage patty, chilled fruit.

Friday, Oct. 28 – Whole-wheat pancakes, yogurt, fresh fruit.

Monday, Oct. 31 – Pumpkin muffins, fresh fruit.

Tuesday, Nov. 1 – Whole-wheat doughnut, chilled fruit.

Wednesday, Nov. 2 – Cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit.

Elementary/Southside Lunch

All lunch served with Wowbutter/jelly or cheese sandwich, milk, assorted fresh fruit, chilled fruit and condiments.

Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Grilled cheese, baby carrots, cucumber, pizza soup.

Thursday, Oct. 27 – Ziti bake, wheat rolls, raw broccoli, garden salad.

Friday, Oct. 28 – Cheese pizza on whole-wheat crust, garbanzo beans, pea pods.

Monday, Oct. 31 – Teriyaki chicken, cooked white rice, baby carrots, corn, pudding.

Tuesday, Nov. 1 – Breakfast for lunch: fried potatoes, red and yellow peppers.

Wednesday, Nov. 2 – Ham and cheese wrap, sliced tomatoes, lettuce mix, corn chowder.

Houlton Jr./Sr. High School Lunch

Lunch is served with option of assorted pizzas, chicken burger on roll, peanut butter/jelly or cheese sandwich, salad bar, assorted fresh fruit, milk and condiments.

Wednesday, Oct. 26 – Turkey and cheese wrap, corn chowder.

Thursday, Oct. 27 – Ziti bake, oatmeal rolls.

Friday, Oct. 28 – Barbecue chicken sub.

Monday, Oct. 31 – Teriyaki chicken, cooked white rice.

Tuesday, Nov. 1 – Chicken quesadillas.

Wednesday, Nov. 2 – Build a sandwich.