Cary Memorial Library announces third quarter donations list

2 years ago

HOULTON, Maine – The Cary Memorial Library has announced the following memorial donations were made to the library for the third quarter (July-September) of 2022.

In Memory Of Aurelian Chasse:  Mark & Jane Stile.

In Memory Of Herschel F. Conlogue, Jr.:  Jeannette Bouchard.

In Memory Of June Cummings Craig:  Shawn A. Snell & Robert E. Frame.

In Memory Of Maurice Gary Ellis:  Kathryn, Marc & Lucas Scott.

In Memory Of Loretta Fredette:  Dave & Cathy O’Leary.

In Memory Of Dennis (Denny) Forest Gallop:  Mark & Jane Stile.

In Memory Of Pauline “Polly” Pipes Hand:  Roger & Nancy Smith.

In Memory Of John C. Hayman:  Ronnie & Nancy Ledger.

In Memory Of Frances “Fran” M. Hutchinson:  Dawn & Gordon Anderson.

In Memory Of Gloria Hartt Jewell:  Carol Blood; Perry & Paula Lilley; Great Books Group.

In Memory Of Thomas “Tommy” Long:  Cecil & Arlene Long, Charles Long; Lucas & Sarah DeLong.

In Memory Of Paul Eugene MacDonald:  Nancy & Roger Smith.

In Memory Of Patricia Faye Matthews:  Mark & Jane Stile; Cathy & David O’Leary.

In Memory Of Estelle M. Nickerson:  Mark & Jane Stile.

In Memory Of Jacqueline J. Sewell:  Currier, Trask & Jordan.

In Memory Of Mary Lou Tapley:  Patricia Clark.

In Memory Of Norma Watson:  Perry & Paula Lilley; Shawn A. Snell & Robert E. Frame; Roger & Nancy Smith.

In Memory Of Elwood “Chip” Wilde:  Mark & Jane Stile; Kathryn, Marc & Lucas Scott.