I voted

1 year ago

To the editor:

Yes, I voted on Nov. 8 at the Presque Isle Sargent Family Community Center.

It was a cold, windy fall day, but lots of people were turning out to vote.

First there was a great place to park.  When we entered the center there were candidates welcoming everyone in.  Even some of the competing candidates were conversing with each other. What a good feeling I had when I saw how courteous the candidates were to each other.

We were carefully directed as to which aisle to go in.  I was pleasantly asked my name and address. The election official checked my name off and gave me ballots to vote. So simple. No unnecessary problems. I voted.

On the way out I saw a voter having a hard time to walk with his cane, so I just took him by the arm to help him to the sidewalk while my wife went to the parking lot to get his car.  We helped him in and he drove away after thanking us many times for the help.

I was blessed to see this senior citizen so helpless spend his few minutes under pain and stress to have the courage to go vote.

I came away knowing that Presque Isle, Maine, is the best place in the country to vote.

I voted.

Loomis Craig
Presque Isle