Residents, businesses deck the Star City in holiday spirit

1 year ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The holidays are in full swing, as a trip around Presque Isle after dark will show.

There are colorful displays everywhere around the city, as residents and business owners have decked out their properties to ring in the season.

Churches too are adorned with wreaths, lit trees and a nativity scene or two.

But whether large or small, the lights and decor offer something magical for everyone to see.  As you prepare to celebrate with family and friends, take a tour around the Star City to see how many more spectacular sights await.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — This Presque Isle residence is festively outlined like a gingerbread house, complete with twinkling wreaths and a candy cane fence. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — December 16, 2022 — The holiday display at the Hampton Inn in Presque Isle includes this part of the courtyard. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — December 16, 2022 — A perennial favorite of passers-by is this home on Third Street in Presque Isle, where a Victorian scene includes this choir, tree trimmers and skaters. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — As young folk await Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve, this inflatable display on Pine Street in Presque Isle is sure to delight all ages. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)