Undefeated Southern Aroostook boys top Fort Kent

1 year ago

FORT KENT, Maine — It was a Warriors vs. Warriors matchup Saturday when Southern Aroostook and Fort Kent met in the St. John Valley.

The Southern Aroostook Warriors boys basketball team remains undefeated after taking down the Fort Kent Warriors 58-48 in Fort Kent.

The 11-0 Southern Aroostook team holds second place in the Class D North standings behind Machias Memorial High School. 

The Fort Kent Warriors remain the top seed in Class C North and moved to an 11-2 record on the season with the loss.

The Fort Kent team dominated the first two quarters of the game, at one point leading by as much as 13 points. Southern Aroostook punched back in the second half outpacing the Warriors on the boards and outscoring them by 10 points in the third quarter and nine in the fourth. 

Southern Aroostook Warrior Buddy Porter registered a game high 21 points, Graham Siltz was just behind him with 19 points and Brennan Burpee added another 11.

Ethan Daigle led the Fort Kent Warriors with 19 points. Lance Gagnon contributed a healthy 16 points and Tyler Ryder showed up with eight.