Mapleton Lions Club supports community youth programs

1 year ago

The Mapleton Lions Club received several visitors at the Club’s meetings in February. On Feb. 6, Me Hegemann, Prevention Program coordinator for Aroostook Community Action Program spoke to the Mapleton Lions Club about the agency’s new youth prevention program.

This program will focus on helping youth gain social, emotional, communication skills for more purposeful and responsible day-to-day living.

ACAP’s Prevention Services works with teens to help them deal with big emotions, effective communication skills and deal with bullies. The agency received to implement these services Hegemann wanted to inform the club of their intention to use materials developed by Lions Club International. The program will utilize the Lions Clubs Quest, which Lions Clubs International has been developing and using over the past 25 years. The new feature in this project is the opening of these services with age-appropriate activities and services for all grade levels, Pre-K to grade 12. The project began formal training of teachers and school administrators on Feb. 10.

Mapleton Lions Club President Rick Fowler presents the big check donation to the Northern Maine Figure Skating Club. Accepting the donation were skaters McKenzie Vigue and Madison McCartney.
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On Feb. 20 the Mapleton Lions Club entertained visitors and speakers at their regular meeting.  McKenzie Vigue and Madison McCartney, representing the Northern Maine Skating Club, came to personally extend the thanks to the Mapleton Lions for their financial donation. Additionally they announced the decision by the skating club to match free tickets to the skating club’s upcoming end of season skating show given to the Mapleton Lions Club as a result of the Lions donation.

Six tickets were originally given to the Lions Club who then passed them along to be given as rewards and recognitions to students at the Mapleton Elementary School. Since there are 12 classrooms at the school, the skating club decided to give an additional six tickets so that every room would be able to award a ticket to one student in each. The Northern Maine Skating Club appreciates the willingness of the Mapleton Lions Club to support the skating club as well as encourage student performance at school.

Vigue and McCartney were joined by Meredith House to discuss the Odyssey of the Mind Program that is ongoing in the Presque Isle Middle School and the Presque Isle High School. This program encourages learning to the student’s natural creativity in problem-solving and team building. There are multiple teams at both schools.

Meredith House (left) gave a presentation on the Presque Isle Middle School Odyssey of the Mind Program with the support of teammates McKenzie Vigue and Madison McCartney to the Mapleton Lions Club on Feb. 20. President Rick Fowler thanked them for coming and speaking to the club. Later the club voted to donate funds to the team’s travel expenses in the future.
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They will go to the Odyssey of the Mind contests and as a result travel expenses are needed, thus these students requested a donation from the Mapleton Lions Club to help with these expenses. Later during the meeting, Club members did vote to send a donation to support the MSAD 1 student effort. The Mapleton Lions Club has been a long-term supporting donor group for the Odyssey of Mind.  

The last speaker of the evening was Carter Vigue, who talked about the spring vacation trip of the Presque Isle High School baseball team. This trip is designed to travel to warmer climates for the purpose of getting in outdoor spring training and playing against other schools in the warm weather. Again the Mapleton Lions Club has been a long time supporting club of the baseball program. The Mapleton Lions Club donated funds to help the baseball program assemble their fundraising calendar. The club’s donation will allow the baseball program to give away prizes on four different days on the calendar. The Mapleton Lions Club encourages everyone to secure a baseball fundraising calendar when they come available.  

February was a very busy month for the Mapleton Lions Club. The Mapleton Lions encourage everyone to support one or all of these youth activities and programs.

The Chapman Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club announced the club would be holding two fundraisers to add needed funds to the club’s snowmobile trail groomer fund. The first fundraiser will be a special public supper this coming Saturday evening. The dinner will be held at the Clubhouse on Town Hall Road in West Chapman. Serving hours will start at 5 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. The menu will include lasagna, ham or roast beef with tasty sides. Especially delicious desserts will also be available. Everyone is invited. Feel free to come by sled or vehicle.

The Chapman Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club Spring Fling Breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 25 at the Clubhouse on Town Hall Road, West Chapman. Breakfast serving will begin at 7 a.m. and continue until noon. The menu includes many favorite breakfast entrees, such as French toast, eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, toast, coffee and juice. Some sides may also be available. Again the proceeds from the breakfast will benefit the club’s groomer fund. Again come by sled or vehicle. All are welcome to come have breakfast at the club.

Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or at