Historical society honors Most Senior Citizen

1 year ago

ST. AGATHA, Maine — The Ste-Agathe Historical Society recently presented the Most Senior Citizen Award to Mrs. Alma Chasse.  

Chasse, also known as “Mrs. Alma,” moved to St. Agatha when she and Benoit Chasse married in 1950.  The newlyweds moved into the Chasse family homestead, the home of Denis and Marie Hebert Chasse, on 1st Row, now Chasse Road, on Flat Mountain.  

In the 1950s, living on the farm meant caring for the elderly parents, raising eight children, tending to large vegetable gardens, feeding the animals and more.  There were things to do from sunrise to sunset. 

Chasse recalled a time during one particular potato season. She was in the field with her sisters-in-law, Alma and Artheline, when she realized she wanted fame in the cooking of the potatoes, not picking them.  

The Chasses lost two sons, Yvon and Reno.

Alma and Benoit were amongst the first tenants to move into Montfort Heights in 1987.  Benoit died in 1994.  Alma stayed at Montfort Heights till the onset of COVID-19.  

“Faut toujours que je grouille” was a model for her.  She enjoyed baking pies from scratch for her family, knitting, visiting with family and friends, and always ready to give a helping hand.  Now 98 years old, she resides at Country Village Estates in Madawaska.

The Ste-Agathe Historical Society board members on hand for the presentation of the Most Senior Citizen Award included Terry Ouellette, Carole Plourde, Sandra San Antonio and Harold Chamberland. 

Her children Louise Bither, Gerard Chasse, Roger Chasse and Therese Rossignol attended. Unable to attend were Anita Bava from Florida and Ronald Chasse from Connecticut.

Submitted by Terry Ouellette, Ste-Agathe Historical Society.