Cookie sales benefit Pink Aroostook

1 year ago

CARIBOU, Maine — Tim Hortons stores in Caribou, Madawaska and Presque Isle recently donated nearly $2,500 to an Aroostook County breast health program.

The group recently presented funds from a Smile Cookie fundraiser to Pink Aroostook, part of Caribou’s Cary Medical Center.

The Smile Cookie program always benefits charities, but in some years those chosen were from other areas, according to co-owner Chad Saunders. He and another co-owner worked to change the program in Aroostook stores to benefit County organizations.

“We’re hoping keeping it more localized [we’ll] be able to sell a lot more, as people love helping out a lot more when it’s localized within our community,” Saunders said. “We’re hoping to grow this program into a much larger event to be able to raise a lot more for local charities.”

Each of the stores will sell Smile Cookies from May 1 to May 7. All proceeds will once again benefit Pink Aroostook.