Vote no on abortion bill

1 year ago

To the editor:

At one time people believed that abortion was safe and it was legal. It’s still legal in early pregnancy in Maine.  But I understand that now there are some bills being written to expand abortion in Maine and I think the people need to be informed what their policy makers are doing.

Typically after a baby is viable, not only can they live outside the womb, they feel pain, and we can see this on ultrasound.  Most Mainers don’t want late-term abortion, because they know it’s a baby and it ends an innocent human life.  If we can’t stand up for the most innocent and vulnerable, then no one is safe.  Who will it be next?  Elderly, disabled, mentally ill?  

A life is a life. There is a bill in the Maine Legislature that seeks to allow abortion right up to birth. Please contact your lawmaker in Augusta and tell them to vote no.

Robin Beckwith
Presque Isle