A special birth moment

10 months ago

To the editor:

I remember going to college for nursing and eagerly anticipating my three-month obstetrics rotation. It was so exciting to me that I would witness the very first moments of a child’s life, and to learn in advance all the wonderful ways that baby would grow. This included pre-and postpartum care, as well as experiences in the delivery room.

I remember an unanticipated reaction to one of those births.

I remember listening to the sounds of the baby’s fast heartbeats echoing throughout the room by the sound of the heart monitor and the gentle coaching by the nurses. Labor and delivery is one of the most difficult and beautiful things a woman can do. What a privilege to witness. After many contractions, little Harry appeared. Moments post delivery, he made an unusual presentation. With his wispy, long, black hair sticking up all over, he held his dark, beautiful eyes wide open. He looked as if he was in amazement as he took in his new world.

What added to this sweet moment was that he initially didn’t make a sound. It was completely silent in that delivery room as we watched. This was such a beautiful experience. He was so wide-eyed, so alert and so quiet as he perched there between the physician’s hands. Everyone in that labor room was effected by that tender moment.

We have an administration wanting to legalize abortion up through 9 months — full-term babies, babies just like Harry. Babies who are just like the little ones you’ve loved.

Please contact Governor Mills, Troy Jackson, and their abortion allies to let them know that you do not support this legislation bill.

Mitzi McKenney
Fort Fairfield