Vote no on abortion bill

12 months ago

To the editor:

Currently Maine law allows induced abortions through “viability” — generally considered to be about 24 weeks of gestation. The law also currently allows for abortion after the point of viability when the life of the mother is endangered (which is normally in extremely rare instances). Many states have adopted this standard, including most in New England.

Now LD 1619 is proposed to change the Maine law in the extreme. It would extend the option for abortion to the end of a pregnancy with no language concerning danger to the mother. In addition: while the bill lists what types of licensed independent providers may perform abortions, LD 1619 removes criminal penalties for anyone performing an abortion without being one of those licensed providers. This seems like a giant step backwards for “women’s health,” the term so commonly touted as the umbrella rationale for abortion at all.

This is not what we want in Maine — abortions allowed as liberally as the most extreme states in the country. Contact your state legislators to let them know you want them to vote “No” on LD 1619. The changes are too extreme and do not reflect the views of the majority of Maine voters.

Please note that Troy Jackson is a prime cosponsor of this bill. If you are in his district and he is not fairly representing you on this subject, please make that clear to him.

Susan Forbes
Presque Isle