Head in sand logic

1 year ago

To the editor:

The ongoing debate relative to abortion is not only sad but ridiculous.  Pro-abortionists continue to bellow, “You cannot tell me what to do with my body.”  Pro-lifers naturally respond, “Baby killers.”  

First of all, the government can and does tell you what we can and cannot do with our bodies. You may not prostitute it, for example, as it is illegal.  Nor can you attempt suicide as, again, it is illegal.

Now let us go on to phase 2.  A woman opts to have an abortion.  When this procedure is complete, does the woman still have her body parts? Yes, all parts are still there.  What has been removed (aborted) is, in fact, not her body at all, in total or in part, but another human beings’s body, small as it may be.

God or, if you prefer, natural selection has chosen the female body to be the carrier of newborn humans. Is the male telling a woman what to do with her body when he delivers sperm? Of course not!  A human pleasurable physical act of both humans has resulted in the creation of a third tiny human. We, as human beings have a responsibility not to destroy, but nurture this new being into our world.

The physical act carries with it, without using contraceptives, the possibility of pregnancy. Don’t make the newly created human fetus pay for your oversight.

Lou Ouellette