Second Biden run not good for country

12 months ago

To the editor:

Thank goodness, Biden finally confirmed he’ll run for re-election in 2024. Then his press secretary assured the nation he would serve the entire eight years, at the end of which he’ll be 86 years old.  

What has this president done that is good for the U.S.A.?  In his second term he has sworn to finish what he started. Finish what? The U.S. of A.? He’s practically done that now while simultaneously raising China to No. 1 in the world. 

In the previous administration, we were finally energy dependent, gas prices barely above $2 a gallon. According to Fox News, our border was more secure than ever with the wall making it more so daily as it went up. Russia was quiet as were China, Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the entire Middle East, and the majority of South America and Africa. Inflation was a measly 1.4 percent, the dollar strong and the economy was going like gangbusters. We looked to use natural resources our country has in spades, like clean oil and gas, while bringing down our own carbon footprint substantially.

Biden, from day one, has destroyed the U.S. and its standing in the world. He’s made it so that instead of using our resources which are much cleaner, the U.S. has to grovel to Third World countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to provide us with dirty oil. Our southern border, which was down to a few thousand illegals crossing a year, is now up to tens of thousands a day, two to five million since Biden took office.

Our country is drowning in illegals who largely come not to work, but to load up on the benefits. No country can survive this kind of invasion. While Biden sleeps, the world sees his weakness and we are now having wars and uprisings from Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Sudan, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Why would anyone want to re-elect this poor excuse for a president again? Oh, right, for climate change and so we can murder babies. R.I.P., America.

 Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle