Northern Maine Moose top Lawrence in lacrosse

11 months ago

Northern Maine Moose Boys Lacrosse claimed their first win against Lawrence High School in a 10-to-7 victory Saturday, March 13.

It was a historic first win as a varsity team, according to Coach Adam Simoes.

“We carried the momentum from Thursday’s close game against Brewer,” Simoes said. “We regrouped Friday and developed a strategy to bring to the game on Saturday and I believe we executed the plan well.”

As in previous games, the depth of the roster was key in the team’s win, Simoes said.

Gage Folsom stepped into the starting defensive role, which allowed Sean Crouse to score his first goal of the season. Crouse had a second goal that was controversially waved off by the referee. 

Konnor Lynds put in an amazing effort with four goals and one assist, while Isaiah Ervin netted five goals with three assists, the coach said.

Ervin was named player of the game by Epic Vue.  

Sam Duff played a pivotal role with nonstop, aggressive pursuit on both offense and defense.  Duff and players Brandon Barton, Logan Faggiole and Philip Espenscheid were moving off the ball, which helped create opportunities to score.

Colton Simoes, a freshman, took 19 faceoffs, winning the majority with help from his midi line Duff and Barton.  

“We had the right chemistry today.  It just felt right,” Colton Simoes said.

Collin Crouse continues to show a high percentage of saves per game, supported by long-stick defenders Drake Weston and Aimon Simoes.

“The Northern Maine Moose are keeping number 7 of the opposing team, who went off the field with an injury, in their thoughts and prayers,” Coach Simoes said.