Please vote on mining project

11 months ago

To the editor:

I’m reaching out today to let you know about an upcoming vote at the town office and to give you some insights into what I’ve learned about the Pickett Mountain mining project over the last three years. 

I was skeptical when I first heard that a company was talking about mining outside of Hersey, but I’ve come to know and trust the folks at Wolfden Resources and I’m now a supporter of the project. 

What I’ve learned is that Maine has a strict mining law that protects the environment and requires a big chunk of money in an account as backup in case there ever was a problem at the site.

The project will still need to go through two-plus years of studies and approvals by the Department of Environmental Protection that will give us additional input. If the project goes forward, they will need over 270 employees, making good money and opportunities for Katahdin area businesses to benefit as well. 

Metallic mining in Maine is governed by something called Chapter 200, which I understand to be the most stringent set of mining regulations in the developed world. I think that provides a good balance here in northern Maine. Let’s work the land as we always have, but with protections to make sure all work is done with any and all environmental concerns answered. 

I’m also impressed with the effort the company has made to educate the townspeople about their process. I’ve been to at least five information sessions myself and I learn something new about the project every time.

Jeff Packard
Select Board Chair