Right to choose

11 months ago

To the editor:

I’ve felt the need to write about the current abortion legislation. So far all I’ve read are reasons to be against it or reasons as to why it’s wrong for Maine. But I have seen nothing defending not only this bill, but the women that it is meant for.

I have read stories written by women who have been in horrible situations with their pregnancies but chose to carry full term knowing it would end in the loss of their child. I cannot begin to imagine the pain these mothers had to face since I have gracefully never had to make such a decision myself. Although this is a sensitive topic with high emotions involved, it needs to be talked about. 

One thing these mothers had who chose to carry full term after being educated of what the prognosis of their baby would ultimately become, was a choice. They had the right to choose what they felt comfortable with choosing. I can say that if I were put in that same situation that I might not make the same choice as they did, but at least I would have the ability to be able to make that choice. 

In the end it doesn’t matter what my opinion on this subject is. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion on this subject is. We talk about abortion as if we are debating what color to paint a wall. These are real women we are debating about who are struggling and, above all else, need our support. This is their lives we are so casually tossing around and imposing judgment on. Your opinion on what you choose to do in life has absolutely nothing to do with theirs. Forming a blanket statement regarding another woman’s health based off your health experiences can be very dangerous and result in catastrophic consequences. 

Imagine what we could accomplish if we stopped trying to force these women to do what we feel is right and start supporting and educating them with this choice they must make during what is the most devastating point in their life. 

Jacqueline Garrity