Ark Animal Sanctuary – Week of June 14, 2023

11 months ago

When you think of the Ark I think most people think we are a typical rescue, taking in animals and finding homes, neutering and spaying. We are so much more than that. We take in cats with special needs. We make sure all of the animals in our care get whatever they need even if it costs thousands of dollars. We take in ferals who have lived on the streets and are not trusting of humans.

Currently the Ark is home to approximately 30 feral cats, two cats with leukemia, six with AIDS and three tripods (three-legged cats). One of those tripods has paralysis and has to have its bladder expressed a few times a day. We have one cat that was declawed and has litter box issues and a cat with hyperthyroidism and heart problems.

We love each and every one of them. Many of them will probably never get adopted, but we feel the Ark is not such a bad place to live out their days. They have access to the best vet care for life, they are warm, well fed and live in a clean, cage-free environment with access to fresh air and sunlight. The volunteers shower them with love and attention and the cats thrive in the environment.

The Ark is situated on almost 40 acres of land which is completely paid for. We have a 3,000-square-foot building which is completely paid for. We have a complete, fully operational vet clinic, which we still owe on. We have a one-room chapel dedicated to all the ones we have lost.

All of this was accomplished with no town or state funding. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. We have no paid employees, only volunteers, and each and every volunteer is an asset to the Ark. They believe in our mission and they want to make a difference for each and every animal that passes through our doors. They work countless hours. They cry when we lose one and they get excited when they gain the trust of one of the ferals. There is no paycheck. Their only reward is gaining the trust and love of the animals in our care. They are an amazing group of people.

We have accomplished so much in the past few years and we are not finished yet. We hope you will continue to be a part of our journey.

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, thank you for reading our column.