From our Files – Week of June 14, 2023

11 months ago

50 Years Ago — June 21, 1973

  End of career in the field of teaching — The first principal of Madawaska High School retired last month after 36 years of service in the field of education. Mrs. Louise Van Stach retired May 31, 1973, after serving for 26 years as a teacher in the Sandusky Public Schools in Ohio.

Mrs. Van Stack, the former Louise Beaulieu, who is a native of Madawaska, moved to Ohio after 10 years of educational service in the state of Maine. Before her move to the midwest, the life-long educator served as the first principal of Madawaska High School.

25 Years Ago — June 17, 1998

Recognition — Two staff members from Dr. Levesque School in Frenchville were honored recently during recognition night at  the Lakeview restaurant in St. Agatha. The school librarian, Connie Desrosier, who retired after 12 years at Dr. Levesque School received this recognition. Rose Morin, special education teacher for 21 years and had accepted a new position with the Madawaska School system, also received recognition from Superintendent Jerry White.

10 Years Ago — June 12, 2013 

Brad Morin to be ordained — Brad Morin is one of three seminarians who will be ordained to the transitional diaconate by Bishop Richard J. Malone at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Sunday, June 16, 2013, in Portland. Morin attended St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, where he completed his clerical studies in 2014.