Not proud to live in Maine anymore

10 months ago

To the editor:

I am a lifetime resident of Maine.  I have always been proud of my state.  Maine was a beautiful state without a lot of crime, but I am so disappointed to admit that I live in Maine now.

We have legalized marijuana.  Presque Isle now has “The Green Mile” with many businesses to sell this drug.  I believe very strongly that this drug is the gateway to stronger drugs.  How do our kids see something legal as wrong?  Our hospitals are now full of overdoses.  It all started somewhere.  

Our police and emergency medical technicians are so busy now dealing with the results of people seeking answers to their problems through drugs. We have a police scanner and hear police constantly asking for help for overdoses and ambulances to take these people to hospitals.  Crime is on the increase now.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some research suggests that marijuana use is likely to precede use of other licit and illicit substances and the development of addiction to other substances. Car accidents have increased by 6 percent, according to my research of states legalizing recreational marijuana.

We have now become the state with the most liberal abortion laws.  How sad that an infant that is viable outside of the womb can be discarded with such little thought and care through an abortion. God has created a child but if someone finds the timing wrong or inconvenient or maybe the baby is not “perfect,” just get rid of it.  Notice I said “child” or “baby,” not “fetus.”  

(Carol) Kitty Pelkey
Mars Hill