Ark Animal Sanctuary – Week of September 13, 2023

Lorraine Monfils, Special to The County
2 weeks ago

The cat in the picture is a cat we named Pistol. Why did we call him Pistol? When he came in he was feral and we were all pretty much terrified of him. We couldn’t touch him or get near him , he was pretty much a pistol!

Pistol had so many health issues over the years from severe stomatitis to bladder infections. He had to have all of his teeth removed because of the stomatitis. We hung in there with Pistol through thick and thin. We did whatever it took to get this boy healthy. Little by little his feral tendencies disappeared and he turned into a big old marshmallow. Eventually I think he came to understand that we were only trying to help him and with each medical procedure he began to feel better.

The late Pistol, a feral cat who came to reside at the Ark Animal Sanctuary. (Contributed photo)

Pistol became one of everyone’s favorites. He could turn on that charm and make everyone’s heart melt.

Because of his health issues the sanctuary became Pistol’s home. He was a permanent fixture and he belonged to us all. There are no words to describe how much he was loved.

Today we said goodbye to the sweet orange cat named pistol. Pistol had a heart-based tumor and was struggling to breath. We had to make the hard decision to let him go peacefully. It was bittersweet holding that once feral cat  who had terrified all of us. That once feral cat was now trusting, loveable and counting on us to make the right decision for him. He is at peace. He was loved and still is. He holds a special place in all of our hearts.

A once feral cat named Pistol taught us so much about feral cats. They don’t ask to be feral, they know nothing else. Trust does not come easy for a feral cat but if you take the time, patience and love you can change that. It has to be on their terms not yours. This is not about the humans, it is about the beautiful cat with the scared eyes and posture that needs to learn to trust. They just need a little help.

There will be an empty spot at the sanctuary, one less bed with a cat on it, one less orange fur ball to sweep up and one less purring motor to listen to but I know his spirit will remain and there will be subtle reminders that he is still with us. Reminders of the sweet loveable guy who made the best biscuits and loved it when we buried our face in his belly.

If you have the opportunity and see a feral cat in need, help them, invest the time, patience and love and you may just end up with your very own Pistol.

Rest easy Pistol you have earned wings. You touched our lives more than you will ever know and there are no words to describe how much you were loved.