A moment for fresh nostalgia

2 weeks ago

To the editor:

I now live in Los Angeles but visit the Valley every year, as I did this year. The multipurpose building in Madawaska vibrated with high octane during the recent Acadian Festival, as local favorite Jerry T took the stage and delivered a performance that left the packed crowd on their feet and dancing the night away.  Hailing from the St. John River Valley, with a musical repertoire that spans genres and decades, Jerry T effortlessly connected with his audience, showcasing his versatility and deep-rooted ties to the community.

I’ve been to some epic concerts, but when Jerry T took the stage, his performance was off the charts.  The atmosphere was electric, and his connection with his fan base made it more a gathering of intimate friends and family than a performance for paying concert-goers.  During a moment of genuine humility, Jerry T took a pause from his galvanizing performance and addressed the ecstatic crowd. “I can’t even begin to imagine the unbelievable welcome I received here in northern Maine and southern New Brunswick,” he humbly confessed.  

On arriving in the area for his month-long stay, he was met with a joyous cavalcade of honking cars wherever he went. Burly bikers appeared out of nowhere and, approaching him with genuine admiration, gave him heartfelt hugs. At local restaurants, patrons left their tables, letting their meals get cold, just to take pictures with Jerry T. This outpouring of affection spoke volumes about the indelible mark Jerry T has left on the hearts of the people in this region.

The highlight of the evening was not just the music, but Jerry’s captivating banter. His witty anecdotes and engaging commentary showcased his genuine rapport with the audience and added a personal touch to his performance. Attendees found themselves laughing, cheering and eagerly awaiting his next song.  During his long and storied career, Jerry T wrote over 800 songs and recorded 120 of them.  

Jerry T’s performance at the Acadian Festival stands as a shining example of the magic that can be created when music and community come together.

John LaChance
Los Angeles, California