Consider Maine Trails Bond

4 weeks ago

To the editor:

I write today as one of the over 500 businesses, organizations and towns that support the Maine Trails Bond. The $30 million investment from the bond would help with the maintenance, design and development of motorized and non-motorized trails. 

The elaborate network of trails throughout Maine is a testament to our love for the outdoors. With most of the motorized trails on private lands, adequate signage and properly maintained trails are critical. But storms are damaging existing trails, and maintenance work — often done by volunteers — exceeds what the limited funds available can support. And we need more resources to support new trails, like those hiking trails added to the Deboullie Public Lands Unit. 

Investing in the maintenance and development of trails benefits the health and welfare of Maine’s citizens. The economic benefit of a Trails Bond would be huge. Importantly, it would incrementally increase the financial impact to support Maine’s rural communities. 

The significant negative impact of this “winter that wasn’t” to businesses shows how directly linked trails are to the economies of rural areas in the state. 

The trails bond has already seen great bipartisan support in the legislature. It’s now up to us to demonstrate strong public support for the bond so that we can vote for it on the ballot in the upcoming 2024 election. 

If you value our state’s trails, I encourage you to contact your legislators and express your support for the trails bond. 

Vernon Labbe
Selectboard Member