Chainsaw safety workshop

2 weeks ago

ISLAND FALLS, Maine — A chainsaw safety workshop will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 at the VFW, 81 Houlton Road.

Workshop instructor Jack Houtz is a Certified Logging Professional-certified chainsaw instructor. He is a technician with the University of Maine Forest in Orono (

During this workshop we will discuss personal protective equipment, chainsaw maintenance, chainsaw handling, making cuts with a chainsaw and if time allows — felling a tree.

Requirements for the workshop: the Minimum PPE that everyone should own which is safety toed boots, leather gloves and safety glasses.

Additional PPE that is required in order to use a chainsaw (we will have some sets of gear available). These are items that we highly recommend those who are planning to use chainsaws should own. They can be bought at places like Tractor Supply, local hardware stores or RC Logging Supplies in Smyrna. Let us know if you need to borrow a set so we can be sure everyone has what is required: chaps, helmet and ear protection muffs (face shield is optional) . We will have foam ear plugs.

Anyone without all required safety gear will not be able to operate a chainsaw. No exceptions.

It is recommended that participants watch the chainsaw safety video at

Do I need to bring a chainsaw? There will be a few chainsaws available to borrow during the workshop. Please let us know if you need a chainsaw before the workshop. However, if you think you will be using a chainsaw after the workshop, we recommend that you purchase and bring a chainsaw to the workshop. Either a gas or battery powered saw is fine. 

What to bring and wear: we suggest that everyone wears long pants, long-sleeved shirts and hats.