Consider the consequences of LD 227

3 weeks ago

To the editor:

There is now a bill being considered in Maine, LD 227, which will force Maine taxpayers to pay for all who want sex changes. The bill also gives an open invitation to any from other states who do not pay for these totally elective surgeries to come here. Basically it’s a come one, come all magnet which will nail Maine taxpayers for the bills for everyone who wants to transition.

Furthermore, this bill totally removes parents from a need-to-know for these major surgeries. A child who decides he/she wants a sex change can be driven to maine by a teenager with a driver’s license and they would receive a sex change, no questions asked, no parents notified, totally at Maine taxpayers’ expense.

My question to the Maine Legislature is: Have you all lost what’s left of your minds?

Just recently in Brunswick, our ultra-liberal governor took 60 brand spanking new apartment units which were meant for low-income citizens and homeless veterans and filled them with illegal aliens and gave them two years of free rent on top of it. I would not be surprised if every affordable housing project being built across the state, reportedly for citizens, ends up being occupied by thousands of illegal immigrants invading our country courtesy of Bidens’ and Mills’ Democratic Party.

So this is what you want as Maine citizens and taxpayers? If not, it’s time you speak up and tell your representatives loud and clear. If you don’t, learn to live with it, and pay through the nose for it.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle