Stories by David Marino Jr.

3 years ago

The top news stories of 2020 in the Presque Isle area

As the summer began to see a drop in COVID-19 cases statewide, many of the Presque Isle area’s staples reopened, including restaurants, bars and offices. Yet, the pandemic continued to rear its ugly head, with numerous festivals being canceled and face coverings being a constant in nearly all public places.

3 years ago

Top news stories of 2020 from the Presque Isle area (Part 1)

2020 started like any other year for the Presque Isle area, a vast stretch of land from Bridgewater to Portage Lake. But while COVID-19 did not hit Aroostook County until April, the pandemic dramatically affected businesses and events throughout the area beginning with Gov. Janet Mills’ civil state of emergency declaration on March 15.