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Ranked-choice voting: totally deceptive

To the editor:

We’ve all heard the old adage, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Right? Then whatever possessed Maine to put in ranked-choice voting?

Under the time-honored system, the one with the most votes wins. What could be simpler? If it’s too close, we have a recount. But still, the one with the most votes wins.

Under this ranked-choice scheme, if the one you want doesn’t get enough votes — well, we’ll just refigure the votes till the one we want has enough votes. Right? I mean, come on, does anyone understand what they did to come up with the new result? How many understand the rules of ranked voting? No, really. How many could actually explain how Golden got elected?

When I voted, I checked one box only because in no way did I want the other candidate elected. What I should have done apparently is fill in all five ovals for my candidate. My question is: how many people did as I did and only filled in the one oval for their choice of candidate?

Under this deceptive system, all those who were adamant about their choice and only voted for their candidate were disenfranchised, totally discounted, in the recount. In other words, those voters who were the most committed to their choice were left out of the recount.

Ranked-choice voting is just that, it’s rank. It stinks to high heavens and needs to go. I’ve always made it a point to vote, but what’s the sense when your own state is working to devise a system that deceives its voters.

Way to go, Maine.

Claire Kierstead

Presque Isle

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