Congrats to hockey team

17 years ago

To the editor:
Congratulations to all the members of the Presque Isle High School team for an absolutely great season, and for advancing to the Class B East Ice Hockey Regional Finals! It was an exciting season. Farewell to seniors Jared Buck, Ben McPherson and Spencer Deschene. You guys were great – all of you.
    Thanks to Coach Dr. Carl Flynn, and to assistant coach John Haley. Thanks to all the parents for supporting the team, and thanks to the Presque Isle High students for your attendance at the games, for the wonderful cheering, applause and rooting for the hockey team. It was good to see such spirit return to the high school.
To the Presque Isle High School Band – you’re the best! Your enthusiasm is catching!
Thanks to all the fans too!

John Schmidt
Presque Isle