Harris sisters share birthday parties

17 years ago

Jenica Ray Harris celebrated her ninth birthday on March 31 with a Scooby-Doo theme part at her home, days before her real birthday on April 3. She and her guests enjoyed playing several games and sharing in refreshments, including a Scooby-Doo birthday cake and cupcakes made by her nana, Ardis, and ice cream.
She then opened several gifts and cards, including: one from her cousin, Liam, and his mom, Janelle Fitzgerald, of New Jersey; Charlie and Linda Ingraham, of Cary; Margaret Ingraham, of Houlton; Stacey Bubar, Gage and Delaney, of Littleton; Uncle Joel Humphrey and cousin Reece, of Presque Isle; her parents, Jana and Barry Ingraham; younger sister Jayden; Uncle Jere Humphrey, her grandparents Raymond and Ardis Humphrey, Noah Caron, Jessica Aube, Valerie Flood, Elizabeth White, Brianna and Mitchell Turner, all of Washburn. Elizabeth, Brianna, Jenica and her sister Jayden enjoyed supper at McDonald’s, accompanied by Jenica and Jayden’s parents. The girls then enjoyed an evening of swimming at the indoor pool in Presque Isle. Following the festivities, Elizabeth and Brianna enjoyed a slumber party at Jenica’s home.
On April 3, Jenica, her sister and their parents had supper at Grampie Raymond and Nana Ardis’s. After, they enjoyed a birthday cake made by her mother and another one made by her nana – both depicting Scooby-Doo – as well as ice cream.
Jayden Grace Harris celebrated her birthday at McDonald’s on April 20, the day before she turned six years old. Little friends attending were: Sarah Maynard, Sydney and Raegyn Chaven, Brianna and Mitchell Turner, her parents Jana and Barry Ingraham, her sister Jenica and grandparents Raymond and Ardis Humphrey.
The children all enjoyed playing in the birthday room and also had a McDonald’s cake and ice cream and watched Jayden open her cards and gifts. That evening Sarah and Brianna enjoyed a sleepover with Jayden at the birthday girl’s home.
On Saturday, April 21, Jayden continued the celebration with a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake, made by her Nana Ardis, with ice cream included. Joining the party were her parents, sister Jenica, Nana Ardis, Uncle Joel Humphrey, cousin Reece, Charlie and Linda Ingraham. Jayden also opened more cards and gifts, including: one from her cousin, Liam, and his mom, Janelle; and one from Margaret Ingraham.