White Christmas imminent

16 years ago
    Last year many county residents were disappointed by the occurrence of a green Christmas.     Those same residents, should be pleased to see, that is doubtful to be the case this year. In fact according to Meteorologist Leeann Allegretto of the National Weather Service in Caribou Aroostook County the Caribou area is currently 32 inches above average for this time of year.
There is currently a total accumulation of 57.4 inches in Caribou. Of those 57.4 inches, 40.6 have fallen during the month of December.
The recent storm which moved through the Caribou area dropped a total of 17.2 inches between 10 a.m. on Sunday Dec. 16 and 10 a.m. Monday, Dec. 17. The storm set a new record for snowfall on Dec. 16 with 9.2 inches from midnight to midnight beating the previous record of 7.3 inches in 1978.
The snow was accompanied by high winds reaching 52 miles per hour in Frenchville, and 44 miles per hour in Caribou, while surrounding areas saw wind speeds in the mid thirties.
“There was a lot of blowing snow and it really impacted travel throughout the county,” said Allegretto.
Accumulations ranged from 17.2 inches in Caribou to 6 inches in Houlton, with Presque Isle receiving 10.5 inches.