The Mustangs’ to present special Presque Isle concert for fan in need

15 years ago

By Oscar “Voscar” Nelder
Special to the Pioneer Times

    PRESQUE ISLE – The Mustangs, a Presque Isle High School band from 1969, will hold its 40th reunion Friday, July 31 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Presque Isle from 8-11 p.m. and dedicate the proceeds to a favorite fan and cancer survivor. There will be a charge and donations are welcome.
    Phil Sirois, drummer and spokesman for the group, said funds derived from admission and donations will go for medical costs achieved by Annegaye (Woods) Ellis of Houlton and Phoenix.
    “Annie will make every attempt to be present for the concert,” said Sirois.
    The group, besides Sirois, of Portland, is composed of Rod Thompson of Presque Isle, Don Jandreau of Florida and Lewiston, and Wendell Hudson of Castle Hill. All three are guitar players. The band regrouped a year ago and performed at the Presque Isle Snowmobile Club.
Image     After attending Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., Ellis achieved the title of Professional American Sign Language Interpreter and works with several colleges and hospitals.
    Jandreau has retired after 30 years as a telephone company fiber optics technician. He plays guitar during Maine summers with a band known as “Loose Connection.” He and his wife spend much time riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles and own homes in Maine and Florida. As a “handyman,” Jandreau maintains the properties.
    Thompson holds a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Berkeley College of Music and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Miami. He is employed by the Northern Maine Development Commission as the center director of the Maine Small Business Development Center.
Image     Thompson is musical director and keyboardist for the Latin Jazz combo “Martha Meets Mambo.” He has appeared in a number of local musicals including as Daddy Warbucks in “Annie,” Marcellus Washburn in “The Music Man” and is currently cast as the King in “The King and I.”
    Sirois is a national award-winning filmmaker, videographer and photographer. His work has appeared in a number of television specials including work with mountain gorillas and former President George Bush.
    Sirois has a creative eye and a sixth sense for wildlife drama. He uses these skills, along with his extensive experience with the mountain gorilla, when he speaks with children and adults. His audience spans a wide gamut of age and interests in his presentations at schools.
    Hudson, although retired, is very active in the Aroostook County musical scene with appearances at churches, historical societies, the Northern Maine Fair and the Maine Potato Blossom Festival with his own unique style of gospel singing.